5 Job searches blunders you should avoid to maximize your chances

It always is fun to hear about the major mistakes job mistakes make as falling asleep during the interview or showing up in sweatpants. But smaller mistakes are often ignored which can have a detrimental effect on your chances of landing the right job.

So, in the interest of making sure you do not lose the chances of an important job opportunity, following are listed the tiny mistakes you should be careful about.

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Mistakes in the application material:

You need to have a solid resume no matter what kind of job you are applying for. This is the first place where you can get disqualified as a candidate because of your typos and bad grammar. Just double checking the material of your resume and cover letter will not save you from such mistakes. Ask a friend to check it for you or if possible get it professionally edited.

Being unclear about the position:

When you use the same cover letter and resume for every job, it screams lazy to the hirers. You need to clearly you should be able to use specific terminology for your relevant experience so that you can relate to your position at hand. It will help employers to easily connect why you are a good candidate for the position they have offered.

Lack of knowledge about the company:

Most of the candidates do great when it comes to resume and cover letter. They have tons of experience and knowledge in their field. But being eager to apply, they fail to get any kind of information about the company they apply for. Always do some background research on the company beforehand and look for unique details that relates directly to the position you are applying for. It will be an indication to the employees that you can grow in that area.

Tempted to lie:

Although many of the candidates deny of lying to the hiring team but they still do. They easily get tempted to lie on the amount of knowledge you have in order to impress. But hirers can judge you instantly and just by exaggerating about your experiences and knowledge can destroy your chances of being hired. So, avoid all kinds of temptations that can force you into lying.

Poor networking:

The biggest mistake that makes you lose job opportunities is poor networking. You need to develop the energy of openness and should be ready to indulge in a conversation wherever you find an opportunity. It happens hirers encourage referrals among their networks in order to save themselves time and money that are required for post openings. These are the kind of referrals you can find anywhere such as aero planes, restaurants, or during holiday parties.

Via: Forbes

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