You are not progressing in life if you don’t spend 5 hours a week learning new things

Bill Gates tells the biggest mistake he has ever made and it still haunts him

Freelancing is at its finest but still, the majority of the people feel disenfranchised and disturbed. They have the skills and the desire but don’t have the will to drive the.

One thing, I learned a long time ago was that Intellectual capital is human capital. It is essentially developed by reading books and keeping yourself informed. Most successful people do this and are known as the 5-hour rule.

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The purpose of the 5-hour rule is that the whole day when you come home you are mentally drained and in order to bring focus to yourself it is recommended that you read a book, and learn something new. This way your ability to develop knowledge structures will increase.

Intellectual capital will always trump financial capital because intellectual capital is based on a person’s intuitive memory skills whereas financial capital is based on the current or bond market.

Having intellectual capital gives you perspective behind a perspective. Being a person with a competent mind is better than being a man of feeble values.

Disruptive innovation is going to be the key component for the future. Automated vehicle fleets will soon replace one of the biggest innovations of the last century, the car. Virtual and augmented reality will disrupt the concept of going to a concert or playing golf. VR has improved by leaps and bounds. Steam, a top-selling PC game store that makes a billion dollars in sales every year puts over 40 percent of revenue into VR.

Intellectual capital, disruptive innovation, and outsourcing have become the new units for the future.

Skill inventories will now define a person’s job, not by degrees and CGPA. A person’s intellect will define his promotion, not his experience and how many years he has given to the company. The world is changing at a faster pace and we should be part of the change instead we become relics.

As the world progresses knowledge becomes valuable. Knowledge becomes the new money. What you have learned from your parents, ancestors or even mentors has become more valuable than anything learned today.

5 steps to take in order to facilitate yourself with proper learning.

1. Identify what is knowledge and how it can be utilized. Knowledge isn’t static it is organic and continues to grow. It varies as it contains primary and secondary proximities.

2. Master mastery. Knowledge is only valuable if you master it. This will help in mastering new skills early. The old saying Jack of all trades is failure is no longer applicable as new skills do not make you miserable but instead empower you with better solutions and opportunities.

3. Communication plays a pivotal role in evaluating your skillsets for others. Communication helps in banking your skillsets to be used in the new knowledge economy

4. Convert knowledge into results and drive profit from them. Useful utilization of knowledge will result in success and earning money.

5. Reinvest in the knowledge economy so others can get the most out of it.

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