5 High-Paying Social Media Side Hustle Ideas For 2024

5 High-Paying Social Media Side Hustle Ideas

Did you know that the global market for social media advertising is predicted to reach $255.8 billion by 2028, with expenditure on the platform likely to reach 3/4 of that total by the end of 2024?

This is hardly surprising considering how many people use social media, especially in light of the new capabilities artificial intelligence has offered businesses to more successfully showcase and market their products.

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WWhat’s in it for you, though?

The growing interest in and expense for social media advertising offers you the following dilemma if you’re searching for flexible work, a side gig to supplement your primary income, or just a chance to stretch and test your skill set:

Why not make a side hustle out of this buzz? Furthermore, you don’t have to start as an influencer.

To capitalize on the advertising surge, consider these five incredible side hustle ideas, none of which even require you to be a social media influencer:

1. Social Media Advertising Consultant

As a social media advertising consultant, you would advise organizations on the most proficient method for creating convincing and fruitful content to showcase their products, services, and brands. You would also offer advice on the best social media campaign strategy for the company. Typically, you would operate as an extension of the team, but you would also have the independence of working independently.

Average to earn: $95,000 annually

2. Social Media Manager

Do you have a thing for running the social media accounts of companies or people looking to build their brands? Social media managers’ primary focus is executing the social media strategy. They likewise handle content creation and writing, manage and plan content schedules as indicated by trends, and oversee community management (for example, connecting with followers and answering to coordinate messages) at different platforms.

On average, you can expect to make $60,918 annually.

3. YouTube Channel Manager

For businesses or celebrities, YouTube channel managers are in charge of scheduling the upload and broadcast of video as well as editing and uploading it. You can also respond to comments on this side gig, which is freelancing. Ensure that the titles of the videos and other important substances are completely streamlined to produce a great deal of traffic from Google and YouTube.

On average, you can expect to make $109,000 annually.

4. PPC Campaign Manager

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is online marketing where firms pay for ad clicks on websites. For instance, on platforms like Facebook are charged a fee per click on their ads.

As a PPC campaign manager, you advise and assist businesses in creating effective ad campaigns. Your goal is to generate more clicks, leading to increased business and warm leads. To enhance your expertise and earnings, specializing in Google Ads is an option.

You should expect to make, on average, $156,000.

5. LinkedIn Profile/Content Writer

Many people who are nearing the end of their jobs or who are unsure about the next step in their profession could benefit from a makeover for their LinkedIn profile. Whether the client is looking for a new job, changing careers, or utilizing their profile for business and sales, you would be optimizing each component and making sure it is targeted to attract the correct professionals on LinkedIn’s platform if you were to give their profiles a lift.

As part of your service offering, you can even create and modify company accounts on LinkedIn. You can also maintain their presence on the network and provide content that attracts users to their page.

You should expect to make, on average, $96,000.

As you can see, earning money in social media advertising involves more than what first meets the eye. By employing your abilities in content writing, social media analytics and trends, and innovative, creative thinking, you can make an income comparable to or greater than what you would at your 9–5 employment.


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