5 handy strategies to deal with negative people

Negative people are like the human black holes that suddenly appear out of nowhere and just ruin your life. No matter how much you try to stay positive, their negativity ends up just completely draining you and makes you feel exhausted. You also end up feeling depressed.

One of the first things you can do is to be aware of those negative people, recognize them, and then work on protecting yourself from them. Following are the few strategies with which you can deal with negative people:

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Spend less time with them:

Constant negativity of a person can affect your enthusiasm; therefore, try to spend less time in the presence of negative people. The negativity of others can damage your physical health and make you vulnerable to extreme stress levels. Work to spend less time around negative people and it will help you keep your sanity.

Don’t stay quiet:

Negative people can keep on bombarding you with their toxic comments. But it is not always wise to don’t answer them. It gives the impression to the person that you surrender to what is being said to you. Speak up for yourself and let the other person know that they are not allowed to cross their limits.

Stay away from their problems:

Typically, when people start to discuss their own problems, you begin to take them as your own and carry on the burden. But that is the worst thing to do because negative embellish and alter a story in order to gain sympathy. By sharing their issues with you, they lighten themselves up and throw their entire burden on you. So, stay away from their problems and don’t think deeply about them.

Move the conversation to a different topic:

Negativity can be suspected, so, when you feel that a conversation is going on the negative turn, change the subject. Hear the comments that are given by the other person and then move forward with something completely different.

Come up with solutions:

When you find someone dumping their complaints on you, come up with solutions to their problems. Start asking questions how they think the problem should be resolved and what solution would be best for them. In this way, you will change their track of negativity into a positive one.

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