5 Enemies that live within

You might sometimes get frightened by your life experiences, misfortunes of others, and the general conditions of communities. You may even trace people and circumstances that brought you to where you are. You become overly cautious and cynical about everything. The fear of losing your game often stops you from doing things that you actually want to do. But external factors are not the only ones that stop you from making progress in life. There are major enemies lying within you and stopping you from achieving success.

Following are the serious enemies to remain careful about and get rid of them as soon as you can.

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  • To Fail:

Because of the fear of failure, people hardly get the courage to try new things. You take failures as a step back in your life therefore you avoid them at all cost. The fear of failure does not go away in this but becomes stronger within you. It deprives you all the opportunities that come on your way. In order to move forward in life, you need to stop fearing the setbacks. You need to build up the courage to fight this feeling and avail all the better opportunities that can take you faster towards your goals.

  • Depending on others:

It is human nature to avoid discomfort and difficulty. This is the reason many people stay dependent on others for living their lives comfortably. But this comfort is not something they can rely on. You can get stuck living in a society that discourages strength and independence. You need to stop depending on others for even the smallest things in life and become self-reliant. You will a much better life when you will proceed depending on your own decision and effort.

  • Feeling you’ve earned something without putting effort:

When you feel that the things you have got are entitled to you, you stop being grateful. You think you have earned things without putting any effort to and so you should not be thankful for anything. This feeling takes you away from gratitude and you never feel living a satisfied life.

  • Being stressed:

This is the biggest enemy you can ever have within you. It makes your life miserable and never gets caught because it lives in your mind. It is something that is always unnatural and unnecessary and makes the situation even worse for you. You need to fight this enemy as soon as you become aware of it and relax your body through positive thoughts and meditation.

  • Losing ownership of things:

Unknowingly you sometimes attach your feelings and emotions to ownership. You think that you own something but when you lose it, you don’t accept it. You think of it as part of yourself and when it gets out of your control, you feel like you have lost a piece of yourself. You need to get rid of this controlling feeling because it can get you stuck in your tracks and deprive you of your goals that you plan to achieve.


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