5 Choices you make now, may regret in future

Every choice that we make in this life has an impact. Our decisions lead us to path from which it is impossible to return. There are choices that we make that which we have to live for the rest of our lives. This is the reason it is very important to think about all the decisions we make because there are some that may haunt us in future.

Following are few of the choices that we usually make and regret in future.

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  • Trying to be like other:

All individuals have unique qualities and have different dreams and hopes. But sometimes we try to copy others and negate our own personal selves. We assume that living like other people will make our life most fulfilled. But trying to be like others will make us regrets of listening to others instead of our heart. I few years, we may regret not taking the stage and showing our true self and not doing the things that looked stupid at the time but would have helped us improve ourselves.

  • Relying on tomorrow for being happy:

It is very common among many of us to link our happiness with something that will occur in future. But what we do not realize is that we lose the time which could have given us happiness. If we do not stay happy in the moment, then in the coming years we will regret trying to be a perfectionist about happiness. We will regret not to be happy with what we have right now.

  • Ignoring our bodies:

Ignoring our bodies by not maintaining a healthy life style will in few years make us regret losing the fitness of our bodies. We will regret the adoption of a secondary lifestyle by not exercising regularly, eating sugared and processed foods. We will regret that why we could have eaten the food which could have kept us looking younger for long.

  • Neglecting our loved ones:

We assume that our relationships will last forever so we give more importance to material things. We do not prefer being with our family and friends. But in future, we may regret skipping important events which could have brought closer to our loved one, we may regret taking our partner for granted, and regret ignoring our friends that could have become lasting relationships.

  • Bringing an end to our learning:

We think learning is restricted to our college or university years so we put an end to it after that. But life is all about learning, and there are so many things in life that can be learned out of the classroom. By bringing an end to our learning process we in few years may regret missing all the available opportunities around us for learning something new.

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