5 career myths that might be holding you back


Career planning cannot be doomed to myths but unfortunately, there is plenty of outdated information around that brings your career to a screeching halt. It becomes worse if you keep holding on to those false beliefs. The best way is to let them go and focus on taking advantage of the opportunities that come in front.

For beginners, following are the myths that keep them from progressing

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You must perfectly match all job requirements:

This is the biggest myth which may stop you in your tracks. You may have found a perfect job according to your abilities but it asks for a five year job experience whereas you have only four. This makes you feel you are not qualified properly for the job and you do not even apply for it. But the truth is that the hiring managers adjust their requirement to meet the talent supply in the market, and if you meet all the main skills then you might have the chance to get hired.

Follow your passion:

This is another myth which says do the work you love. There are times when your passion can be turned into pain very quickly just like client taking your vision and changing it or you have to send invoices repeatedly on late payments by customers. You must look for a job that makes you satisfied rather than going after the one that you are totally passionate about.

Leadership skills develop with time:

Leadership skills cannot be attained with the passage of time. You have to separately take time out to learn them. These are the skills that require continuous nurturing to sharpen them properly.

You cannot quit a job before two years:

When in a month of your new job, you realize the things you were promised in the interview are no longer there. The flexibility you were told to be given has not been materialized, and it is hard to deal with people in your apartment, how can you survive at such a place for two years? It is very common to do a job for short tenure especially when it comes to the beginning of your career.

Longer hours will get you promoted:

This is a myth strongly linked to your promotion aspects but in reality, it does not exist. Managers are concerned with what outcome you are providing them not just with longer hours straining your muscles in the office.

Via: Business Insider

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