5 amazing tips to Improve your short-term memory

The distractions and lack of focus in our lives cause us to suffer from poor short-term memory. The continuous form of anxiety make our memory muscles weak and make them worse as we age. But forgetfulness is something that occurs regardless of the age. This is something that makes us forget names of the people we already know, going to another room forgetting purpose in mind and forgetting to bring the most important thing from the grocery store.

Following are few tips to give your memory muscle an exercise.

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  1. Chewing Gum:

    Chewing gums is often not allowed in the learning places but scientists have revealed that doing so can be helpful in increasing the activity an important area of brain for memory.

  2. Moving eyes:

    It does sound a bit awkward but moving your eyes from side to side can actually help stimulate your memory. The experts state that a horizontal eye movement can be helpful in activating the two brain hemispheres.

  3. Meditate:

    Meditation is long known for sharpening the memory muscles and to improve our ability to focus. Even with a little experience, meditation can help to a lot of extent for increasing the short-term memory.

  4. Laughing:

    According to research, laughter helps to improve the short-term memory in people. Cortisol is a hormone that is associated with stress and was revealed to be lowered after participants watched a funny video for about 20 minutes. This brings a good impact on memory of a person.

  5. Use of unusual fonts:

    The use of tricky font makes it easier for the brain to remember. The amount of concentration that is spent on creating an unusual font helps to improve the short-term memory.

Via: BusinessInsider

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