4 Ways to stop social media from stunting your growth

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In modern society, social media is considered essential. People think of it as a powerful way to create meaningful connections with others and to communicate with friends. But as positive as social media can be, it is no secret that that social media can stunt your personal growth if you are not careful. For posting on social media, people are very selective and often filter the information before broadcasting. It shows to others only the good parts of their lives and allow the audience to draw the conclusion that they are living an amazing life. It makes people compare themselves and ruin the pleasure of the things you are blessed with.

Following are the few ways that can help you to stop social media from stunting your personal growth and have a control on how you use it.

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Set a specific time for social media:

Social media scrolling is like diving in a black hole because once to get engaged, there is nothing that stops you. Therefore, it is best to check your social media accounts for a specific amount of time. Allow your own self to scroll down on any social media platform for a few minutes then strictly focus on something else. Learn to send replies in that specific amount of time and do not respond to any posts once your time is over. No matter how much tempted you feel consider it a strict rule for yourself which you should not break at any cost.

Get engaged in new hobbies:

You scroll on the social media platforms mostly because you are not doing anything much of interest in your real life. But diving into the social media world is just like throwing your precious time and getting nothing in return. Instead, if you get engaged in hobbies of your interest, it will give a push to your personal growth. There are so many things you can do such as playing a game of your interest, reading books, knitting, baking, etc.

Disconnect from the digital world:

In today’s world, it is commonly seen that family times are being constantly interrupted by the social media. People, when go out, focus more on taking selfies and posting on the social media platform than actually enjoying the time they are spending together. This may create memories on your social media accounts but it leaves no marks on your brain for remembering the time you spent together. Therefore, when you are with your family or friends live that moment and use the valuable information you get for your personal growth and interpersonal skills.

Don’t use your phone before bed:

Most of the people go to bed while looking at their phones as to performing a ritual before sleeping. This gives you nothing more than weird dreams and sometimes your worst nightmares. It is best to put your phone on charging before bed and go to sleep without using the device at least thirty minutes before bedtime. It might feel tough for people who are used to checking their digital devices daily. But once you adopt the healthy routine of staying away from social media before bed, your days will become much more productive and you will live a much happier life.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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