4 ways to achieve success without being a perfectionist

There is always someone who needs everything to be just right. They are the people who spend a lot of time on even the simple tasks which often drives them crazy and others during the process. Either it is related to work or with everyday chores, you may have an area of life where you are a complete perfectionist. When you focus on gets those certain thing done perfectly because of your high standards, there are oftentimes other things that suffer. But the most important person who suffers from the habit of perfectionism is your own self. It is because when perfectionism shows up, it brings along frustration, depression, and anxiety.

You may thing that what harm can be done while trying to improve upon some of the things. The answer to this is that real perfectionism isn’t about the high standards. Being perfect means being in control of the impossible but when you try to be too perfect, being in control also gets out of control.

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You need to realize that being a perfectionist is not healthy because your achievements do not define who you are. You learn more with your mistakes and get solution for the problems that you face in life. Therefore, you must overcome the habit of perfectionism and learn how to achieve success without being a perfectionist:

Replace the ideal goals:

The first thing that you need to overcome your habit of perfectionism is to replace the ideal goals with the ones that you can actually achieve. It is really tempting to set some idealistic goals for what you want to achieve but you should be aware that ideals cannot be achieved. So, set goals that are in your reach and you have the energy to achieve them.

Be grateful for the good things:

Running after perfectionism shows that you are not satisfied with your accomplishment and you want more. But give yourself time and see how many good things are present in your life. You should be grateful for what things make your life easier without you even noticing them. Also, pay attention to the things that you are not so proud of and make an effort to improve them. This will shift your focus from things that are already good enough towards the weak points that need your attention.

Look at yourself as a whole:

When you have perfection in mind, you look into all the tiny details and try to get them fixed. You consider that even the tiniest things needs to be adjusted so that there is no flaw left for anyone to criticize you. But if you look yourself as a whole, those tiny issues will not matter anymore. Focus on the qualities that do not need any improvement and you will feel a lot better without being perfect.

Value your uniqueness:

Imperfections are not something you should be ashamed of. Having an imperfection makes you unique and you stand out from the rest of the people. So, be proud of your unique abilities and do not be afraid to show them.

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