4 Self-help tips that may actually be hurting you

Everyone wants to be successful but some things such as tyrannical bosses, stapler-stealing co-workers, and every person trying to be the CEO keeps bringing you down. In an effort to balance the scales by following the advice of self-help books or motivational guides, you try most of the things that hurt your career. These are the self-help tips that actually mess you up and bring more damage to you professionally.

Following are the few so-called smart moves that can bring damage to you easily:

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Arriving too early or staying till late:

Usually, companies or organizations have working hours that begin from 9 o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the evening. But being at your desk before and after this time makes you look a little bit crazy. When you are working with the cleaning squad around you then it shows that you have extremely poor management skills because of which you are unable to do your work. It makes your managers think that you are unable to handle the given tasks and are not productive for the company in any way.

Saying yes to unappealing assignments:

You may think it is very smart to say yes to taking notes for your boss during a meeting or agree to tackle a thankless data entry project. But this is something that decreases the value of your time in the eyes of other people. You should be managing your own time and deciding the tasks which you think will help you in your professional career. Therefore, before agreeing to do something, carefully look at the projects and chose the ones you think are worth your time and effort.

You are hyper-focused at work:

Maybe you consider someone as the smartest who skips the water cooler small talk and eats at the desk while completing your work. This habit of yours will make you fall miserably at the social aspect of your job no matter how stellar your output is. Don’t stay hyper-focused at your work and enjoy the small moments in the office that bring joy to your life.

Giving up:

Normally you are given the advice to own up the mistakes when you fail and present a plan to fix your problems. But sometimes, it just feels like throwing good energy after the bad one especially when you refuse to give up on an idea that isn’t working. Sometimes knowing not to salvage is smarter than trying to make lemonades out of the lemons you have been given.

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