4 Psychological ways to be stress-free in 2018

For the coming year, everyone is busy with setting resolutions. People are planning to make it pleasant, wonderful, and most importantly stress-free. Living a stress-free life has become a global phenomenon which impacts both work and personal lives. In 2017 Gallop Survey, it was reported that many people experienced stress on higher levels and became a number one leading risk for the workforce.

We know that removing stress from our lives isn’t any magic but we can learn to cope with it instead of avoiding the situations that bring it in the first place. As according to the founding director of Stress Reduction Clinic, Jon Kabat-Zinn said that “It is not possible to stop the waves but we can learn to surf”.

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Following are the psychologically proven tips that can help to reduce the impacts of stress:

1- Become friends with your stress:

According to psychologists, people are less stressed out when they consider it a positive experience. Therefore next time when you feel stressed, experience it as something that is providing you energy for being prepared for worst situations.

2- Prioritize exercise:

Studies have proved that people who include exercise in their lives have the better ability to cope with stress and stay fit.  It helps them to stay away from heart diseases and increase you intensity level while exercising or playing a sport.

3- Practice mindfulness:

For living a happy and stress-free life, you need to be mindful by living in the present moment. You need to be present to your own thoughts and emotions. Rather than trying hard to fix the something that caused stress, take a few minutes and become aware of the sensations in your body, feel the thoughts running in your mind non-judgmentally. This will help to reduce stress level.

4- Look at the glass half-full:

While going through a stressful situation, you need to focus on the areas that are helping you. Give importance to those areas that provide you benefits and make you look at life more positively. Even in worst situations, bounce back from negative thoughts and look towards the brighter aspects.

Via: Forbes

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