4 proven ways to refocus at work

It is common for everyone to experience days when nothing seems to be done. Your mind wanders away from work projects and you struggle a lot while trying to get back on track. The distractions around makes it hard for you to focus and it makes the quality of your work to suffer. In this day and age, it is quite imaginary to find a place without distractions. There is always a peripheral disturbance of the phone calls, office chatter, and emails waiting for you to respond without delay.

You might not be able to get a workplace that is devoid of distractions but there are few things you can do to regain your focus at work. Following are the few to adopt:

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Find a quiet place:

In an office despite the daily chatter of the people, you can find a place where it is quiet and peaceful. It can be in the corner of an office so grab that place early in the morning. Instead of waiting for everyone to leave and take long hours to get the work done, try coming up early in the morning. Even an hour before the office starts, you will be surprised to see how much work you will be able to complete.

Make lists:

When you have a list of tasks in front of you, you feel compelled to get done with them first. If you act according to your list, you will be able to get more done. Make it a habit to create a regular to-do list and keep modifying it continuously. In the form of a list, you will be able to visually see it and will have a sense of fulfillment.

Manage your time:

For regaining focus on your work, you need to ensure you manage your time. When you keep a track of your time and prioritize tasks accordingly, you finish work within the specified time. Say no to chats with colleagues who want to catch up during the office hours. A simple technique is to bring headphones to work and it doesn’t mean that you listen to something. It makes people think you are busy listening to something you want to instead of wasting time on chats.

Restrict use of social media:

The use of social media is under your control, so use the techniques of blocking out social media. When you are at work, put a timer on these sites that disable them for a specific amount of time. Another important way is to check your emails either at the start or the end of the day and commit to yourself not to check them otherwise.

Regaining focus at work requires you not to stay chained to your desk, go out for a walk, and get some fresh air when you feel you are losing focus. When you will spend some time away from work, you will be able to get back with much refined focus at tasks.

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