4 Mental habits to give up if you want to be happy

Living a full life is a dream for many but only happy people seemed to have figured out the heartfelt way for living it. From researches, we have come to know that happiness depends a lot on our habits. It is cultivated by action and the faster we unlearn some of the habits we have adopted by our society, the sooner we will feel happiness.

There are a few lessons we should immediately unlearn in order to bring happiness to our life.

1- Holding a grudge:

The feelings of hate, anger, and resentment towards other people prevent us from staying happy. Anger stays in our minds and destroys our bodies. Therefore we should learn to forgive. Forgiveness lightens our burden and removes negative thoughts from our minds.

2- Getting involved in distractions:

We need to block all the distractions that keep us away from our goals. We need to disconnect from social media for some time in order to relax and bring satisfaction to our lives.

3- Comparison:

When we start comparing ourselves with others, that’s where the uneasiness sets in. Comparisons are often unreal and exaggerated as they show us only one side of the picture. We fail to know that the person with whom we are comparing our lives, how much difficulty he/she is facing despite the success.

4- Not helping others:

The best feeling of happiness is achieved when we help others. The best way is to volunteer the skills that you have to people who cannot afford to pay for it. Giving ourselves creates the most joy in people’s lives.

Written by Tauseef Sarwar

Digital Marketer with 15 Years of experience in Management & Marketing. SEO Consultant, specialising in Social Media Marketing & Branding. Adobe and Google Certified Professional.