4 Best business books of 2017

Reading a book is both informative and entertaining as it makes you feel smarter. But such books are not always easy to find. Following are the books that are selected by the experts as this year’s best picks which will make you return to your workplace brimming with new ideas. Business Insider takes a look.

Adaptive markets:

Author: Andrew W. Lo

This book is a fascinating intellectual journey that provides stories to start with the beginning of market efficiency and its setbacks. It explains the turns to the foundations of investor behavior and concludes them with practical implications. This book provides a complete answer to the important questions in economics.

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Author: Ellen Pao

Reset is a book by Ellen Pao who sued her company for $16 million, Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. This is an account of what actually happened and her experiences that taught her everything.

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The one device:

Author: Brian Merchant

This is a book that marks the tenth anniversary of Apple. It explains how the iPhone transform the entire world and turned Apple into the most valuable company in the history. The upcoming device is a roadmap for design and engineering genius and an extraordinary view of the most secretive companies in the world.

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The Spider Network:

Author: David Enrich

This is a book in which a business reporter reveals the strange story of how a math genius Top Hayes, a minority of outrageous confederates, as well as a deeply corrupt banking system, gave rise to the biggest financial standards in history.

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