3 Ways You Can Influence People

Method # 1 – Tell them about yourself

First step of influencing someone is your introduction. Introduce yourself in a way that it leaves long lasting impact in the mind of others. Communication skill is very important, if you can tell about yourself in a very concise and the coherent way, you make an impact. The important thing to keep in mind when you talk about yourself, your service or a product is to avoid self praise. Appreciating yourself too much leaves a negative impact on others and puts them off. Learn the art of introducing yourself in a positive, powerful manner.

Method # 2 – Make people talk about you

We all talk about successful people from different walks of life. Whether it is for inspiring someone, making a sales pitch or defining a guideline for our product or service. We often give examples of successful people simply because they have proved their metal with their work.

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If our work is good, if we have made a difference in someone’s life then we will always be talked about in our absence. When people talk about us in their discussions with others, it is indirectly an opportunity for grabbing more business and popularity because we have influence them already.

Method # 3 – Make your work talk

The best way of influencing people is by influencing them with your work. They say, make your work do the talking. It means, we should demonstrate our work in a far effective way that it leaves impact on others.

If our product or services noteworthy, our efforts in coming up for that product or service will be praiseworthy. It is a thin line that defines the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. If our product or service is good and it is making a difference in people’s life, we have got them influenced.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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