3 Ways to accomplish more by doing less

Often there is a misconception that prevails, it makes us think that working in an office which involves scribbling through notes, replying to endless emails, and clutching the phone in one hand is the only way we can be productive. Being more productive does not require any of these. It just requires knowing how to work smarter.

It does not take multiple degrees and years of experience to realize the ways which can make you more productive. Following are just a few strategies that can help you achieve more by doing less:

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Getting five things completed in a day:

The culture of being as busy as possible seems to be fading. Dying to complete 20 things in a day just increased frustration and leaded to a chaos. Instead of under performing across the board, people now prefer to complete fewer things in a much better way. Experts focus on doing only five things in a day and giving your best in completing them.

Don’t let distractions change your direction:

A lot of access has been given in the form of email and your phone. This too much access over information and connection has made it impossible to take control of the priorities. You do not need to respond to every email unless it is urgent. Set different timings for checking and replying to your emails. This will help you not to get distracted from the priorities you have set in life.

Learn how to say “no”:

You may believe that supporting others is something really important but there are few times, when you need to set the boundaries. You cannot walk away from the conference room with dozens of business cards; this is not going to lead you to success. The request for lunch, coffee, or meeting may be potentially good for your business, but there are times when it becomes uncomfortable. Create authentic relationships instead of surfacing hundreds of useless connections. Everything cannot be a priority as there is only one thing that can be important at one time. So, practice saying “no’ to things that do not take you towards your goal.

Via: Business Insider

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