3 Signs that tell you are empathetic

Empathy is the process of understanding another’s state of mind or emotions and experience the outlook of another person being within oneself. This is the ability that is present in almost all humans unless you are a narcissist, sociopath, or a psychopath. But there are few people who feel the emotions of others more intensely and are like an emotional sponge. They easily absorb the stress or the positive emotions of other people into their bodies and despite having a high IQ, success does not come to them easily.

Following are the signs that show people high on being empathetic and can take it to a next level.

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1. They easily get overwhelmed:

People who are high on empathy get affected by a lot whatever is going on around them. They are very sensitive to noise, smell, and even excessive talking. It is very common for them to get exhausted after short periods of time in any social gathering. Being gifted with an intuition of depth and caring for other, they sometimes take on the pain of their loved ones in their bodies.

2. They like to have alone time:

Empaths need alone time to relax and adjust their emotions. Being over-sensitive many empaths grow up thinking there is something wrong with them. Alone time for them is to get awareness about their own self which is often misunderstood as anxiety and depression. If such people are not aware of their situation, then even the normal interactions with people can cause them damage. Over-sensitivity is a kind of gift which many empaths fail to recognize and it stops them from moving forward.

3. They always want to please others:

Being empathetic, these kinds of people fail to set boundaries and always want to make others happy neglecting themselves. But not being able to say “no” to others often creates problems for themselves. They are taken advantage by manipulative people as they are always ready to help others and fix their problems. For empaths, a simple “no” is a complete sentence and the only way to keep them safe from being taken advantage of.

Being empathetic does not by any means make people less than anyone else rather they have a gift of being able to feel other people’s emotions. They should be aware of this gift because all empaths are much needed in the society.

Via: Business Insider

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