3 Reminders while struggling with finding happiness in life

There are often times when you find yourself struggling and going through difficult times. It forces you to focus mainly on the negative side of your own life. But in order to become happy, you must shift our focus back to see all the great things that are happening around you. All you think is about the things that are not happening in your life but once you realize that there are some people out there who are going through even more challenging circumstances, you learn to appreciate the things that you already have.

Following are the few reminders that can help you to be grateful in the times when you are struggling to find happiness:

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Finding evidence of the positives in life:

According to experts when you are sad, you take the negative details and magnify those details while filtering out all the positive aspects of any situation. This is an inaccurate perception of the reality that you are living in. Instead, if you try to think three times how you have been able to balance everything. If you shift your filter to the positives in life from the negatives, you will remember that you have been able to accomplish a lot of things you thought you won’t. This is the evidence that you have been able to do things and have been able to turn the impossible possible.

Acknowledge your progress:

When you are working, you hardly find any time to focus on your progress. It is because you get focused on where you want to go and what you want to achieve. You link your happiness to where your destination is but do not enjoy the process that you are going through.

If you take out few moments to remember where and how you started your journey of turning your dreams into a reality, you will realize that you have come a long way. Throughout the journey you have accomplished a lot before reaching to the destination that you consider the only success.

Enjoy the journey:

If you are an ambitious person, this can be difficult because you never get satisfied with the things you achieve and always look for more. You mostly focus on getting to that point which you call a success and do not trust whether you will actually be able to.

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But when you set a goal, you need to trust yourself to reach it. Even if it no longer aligns with your inner value system, then adjust yourself accordingly. Shift your focus on taking the smaller steps towards your goals because the ultimate goal is not just something you should enjoy, find happiness in the present moment.

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