3 reasons to focus on progress, not perfection

Even if we haven’t formulated in our mind, but most of us always have some sort of goal that we are trying to reach. But sometimes we run after perfection and in doing so we don’t know what steps to take to get us there earlier. We keep unrealistic assumptions which make us believe we are not perfect in our pursuit. But if you want to lead to a path that takes you to your goals, then you will have to prefer progress over perfection.

Following are the ways that may inspire you to move beyond an obsession with perfection and towards a mindset that holds progress at its core.

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Go for the big ask:

When it comes to individual contributions, you feel an immense pressure to work for perfect results. But the idea of perfection may prove to be a stopping point instead of a path forward. Therefore rally your troops and consider all kinds of options, let go of perfection and focus on progress by going in for the big risk.

Incremental progress is the only path to innovation:

You can join the startup ecosystem to lead teams towards specific goals and objectives within the boundaries of a business plan. Learn to lead from a place of curiosity and empathy instead of following rigid structures. The only path forward is to work with determination and collect feedback. This will make you generate revenue more quickly and will make you achieve more with every passing turn.

Redefine factors of success:

For setting the foundation for innovative disruption, only that environment works that provides a continuous opportunity for growth. Therefore, redefine your factors for success and get your hands dirty in an effort to bring new ideas to fruition. Find innovative ways to interact and learn from your customers and the people around you. By looking at problems through different lens, you will be able to see more ways to reach your goals.

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