3 iPhone X Amazing Yet Unveiled Features

iPhone X is officially going to be launched on 3rd November. The phone has set a lot of Expectations already because of its state of the art design, edge to edge screen, improved camera, face recognition and lot more.

Following are the three unannounced iPhone X amazing features that add a lot of value to the Apple’s latest flagship model.

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Notification screening:

Face scan will help keeping your messages and notifications private. When any new notifications pop-up on your device, iPhone X will only show those notifications if the face belongs to the owner of the phone. It will display the full contents of the notification and messages if you are the owner of the phone by scanning your face, otherwise it will just display notification source and hide the source of the notification.

Screen brightness:

If you are an Apple watch user, you understand this feature already as this feature is not available on any of the iPhone model yet. If you’re reading an article or surfing, iPhone X well keep the screen bright, if you take your eyes off the phone after few seconds the screen Light will go off. With this new feature, there will be no need to tab on the screen to keep the phone brightness alive.

Smart volume adjustment:

Just like in the case of screen brightness, if you are watching a video, iPhone X will adjust the volume of the ringers. If you are not looking at the device, the sound alarm will go off.

These 3 amazing features are very important not just to keep your phone secure but also improve the battery life of the phone as iPhone X is expected to come with greater battery life.

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Via: iDrop News

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