3 Reasons Why SEO is Valuable for Businesses in Pakistan

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basically is the technique through which we can increase the Brand visibility on the internet and increase the business revenue.

SEO industry is growing fast as all the things are now digital in the Tech Era. But when we talk about Pakistan, companies do not have fair knowledge and awareness with this terminology. In this article, let`s discuss the 3 main benefits of SEO that will make easy to understand about it.

Below are the 3 reason why SEO is valuable;

1 – Brand Awareness:

With SEO, companies can get their identity established online, once they start working on this, people can easily recognize their brand names , color theme, quality product etc and it will create their brand image on the internet and mind as well. Example #BeingGuru, a website I am writing an article for, a brand name easily recognizable on the internet now.

Here are 3 Killer Techniques to build a Brand Awareness.

1. Identify Your Audience

Before you start the marketing campaign, one should know in detail about the product and target audience as well, use the demographics for effective awareness of your brand and bringing your business to those who matter the most.

2. Use Search Engine for Trends

Find out the latest trends on the search engine, and you should be up to date about it. An easy way to see latest trends is https://www.google.com/trends/

3. Social Engagement

Make your social profiles for customer engagement, where they can find your products/ services and share the reviews, ask inquiries.

2 – ROI (Return on Investment):

Everyone want to see return on their investment, it doesn`t matter that what business you are doing either product based or services, in online marketing, there are two types of marketing,

1. SEM – Search Engine Marketing:

SEM is the paid marketing, normally we say it PPC, in this the calculation methodology of ROI is very simple, if revenue is higher than the amount that is invested then there will be a profit situation.

2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

In SEO, the case is different, here the game plan is for keywords ranking, keywords is just like a sales agent for the companies because it generates sales and revenue for them, there are two type of keywords, short- tail and long-tail. Find the keywords from Google AdWords that have high search volume and competition.

SEO helps in:

• Increase in targeted traffic
• Increase in sales
• Increase in high ranking
• Increase in subscription

3 – Cost Effective:

It is one the cost effective marketing technique because here no need of any sales cold calling, scripting, public advertising, commercials etc. It’s all about the content marketing, and online Brand management. It only needs time to invest in rather than the cash investment.

The main objective of SEO is to boost your keyword ranking in the search engines like Google.

There are 4 main significance of SEO;

• It is long term cost effective
• Increase sales with keyword rankings and targeted traffic
• It builds relationship between users and brands and a level of trust.
• Increased Visibility and give it global recognition

Tips to Start SEO Campaign:

Here are the steps to start your SEO campaign today for your brand,

• Buy a domain and hosting for your identity
• Design a dynamic and responsive website with fresh content (Google prefers mobile friendly websites).
• Find your business keywords from Google AdWords with high searches and medium competition
• Use those keywords in your web content and blogs.
• Rank those keywords in your targeted market / region
• Last but not the least, increase your sales with SEO campaign and make a history.
About Author:

Taha Khan is the Digital marketing Consultant from Pakistan and founder of Get Keyword Ranked with a diversifying experience of Online Branding and advertising, follow him on Facebook.