16 Years old Pakistani-British Boy refused £5 MILLION by US investors for a money saving website

Teenagers around the world have always been pretty smart. Some are incredibly smart such as Galois who solved difficult mathematical problems; some are brilliant artists, performers, and even entrepreneurs. Some of them can correctly pronounce any word, some are filled with encyclopedic knowledge, and some have the ability to speak multiple languages. So teen geniuses are nothing new however, it does seem like there are more of them around today than ever before.

At first, it is not easy to recognize the smartest teenagers but their abilities emerge as a surprise. A British schoolboy Mohammad Ali, 16, is one of these smartest teenagers alive today. At the age of 12, he launched his first company and earned more than £ 40,000. For the stock market, he created a financial app and his own video game. For the investors he created a money-v website and was offered £5 million which he rejected in the hope of getting a bigger offer.

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The teenager is expected to introduce a price comparison site with a 60-year old companion Chris Thorpe and claims it as unique. According to Mr Ali, a group of Americans in London offered to buy the company for a sum more than £5 million. Ali said that the investors from London did not realize the technology that was involved. The offer was rejected because the involved technology is worth millions already and it will be of more value once it gets into the hands of people. He understands that there is a big risk in creating it as a household name but there are no competitors for this as it is a real-time money saving expert.

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The idea for the website originally came from an entrepreneur Mr Thorpe who lives with his family in Scarborough. In 2009, he founded Weneed1 as a reverse marketing platform. It was intended to introduce buyers to sellers of goods and services to the UK. He remained unsuccessful in doing that until he met with Mr Ali. According to Ali, he coded the WeNeed1 in his bedroom while completing his A-levels. He has designed the website to make both buyers and sellers aware of the products that are available.

Mr Ali in 2006, made it to the headlines for creating a video game which has per month subscription cost of £5.99 and earned £30,000. He still lives with his parents and siblings. He is still working from his bedroom for the project to launch globally. He says that everything he has learned is from watching videos and reading books and has not gained much knowledge from the education system provided in schools nowadays. He thinks that schools are not preparing people to perform in the real world. He has invested £14, 00 towards refurbishing his parents’ house and has placed the majority of his fortune in the saving account to help fund his business venture’s in future.

According to estimates, Mr Ali has earned £41,000. He likes to build upon whatever inventions he has made. He is an inspiration for teenagers to get involved in this business all around the world.

Pictures and Post Via: Daily Mail Uk

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