15 Top college degrees to pursue to give the best shot at your career

Picking a career mostly boils you down and if you don’t know where you are going, you will be lost even when you will get there. Selection of your career comes down to a cost-benefit analysis and a gut check, therefore, in the game of reality versus passion; you need to start a blazing path in college. Before you reach the peak, the direction of your career changes so many times. Therefore you need to decide very carefully that which career you want to choose.

Following are few of the college majors that can help you to give the best shot at your career.

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Doctors and Nursing is in high demand by the health care professionals. Because of the well average wages, doctors and nursing is considered among the best professions.

Dental Hygiene:

Oral health has always remained an important issue among people. They are responsible for cleaning teeth and examining patients for signs of oral diseases.

Mechanical Engineering:

One of the broadest engineering disciplines includes mechanical engineering. This field includes courses in mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering design.

Accounting and Finance:

This is also a very good field to choose as financial analysts and managers earn good salaries as compared to others. There are many career options available in this field such as economist and personal financial advisors.

Civil Engineering:

Responsibilities of the civil engineers include large construction projects such as roads, buildings, airports etc. this career path has one of the strongest growth aspects.

Architectural Engineering:

This field involves the designing of buildings that enhance the living standards. For this purpose the building systems are combined by electrical, structural, mechanical, acoustics, etc. into one whole.

Business Information Manager:

The implementation of technology within an organization is not possible without a business information manager.

Electrical Engineering:

The manufacturing of equipment such as electric motors, communications systems, as well as the power generating system is all linked to electrical engineering. In industries such as research and development, telecommunications, government, and manufacturing electrical engineers are high in demand.

Computer Science and Software Engineering:

The computer positions are expected to grow by 18.1% by 2025 therefore; computer and software engineers have a lot of scope. These are the high-tech workers having strong interpersonal as well as management skills that are demanded by the employers.

Aerospace Engineering:

Aerospace engineers design all kinds of aircrafts including spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. This path is growing rapidly because more private companies are preparing to enter the field of space exploration.

Bio Chemistry, Bio Technologies:

All researches and company development programs are carried under and research and development manager. The responsibilities involve introducing new products to businesses. The most in demand field here is Bio Chemistry. Bill gates once said, if he gets a chance to be young again and chose a career, he would chose Bio technologies.

Physician Assistant:

They provide the health care services that are typically performed by physicians. It includes checkup, provision of treatment as well as counseling the patients.


To attain a master of pharmacy degree, you require a four to five year course from a recognized university.

Chemical Engineering:

The development and design of the manufacturing processes comes all under the responsibilities of chemical engineers. In order to solve the problems, chemical engineers all the principles of physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology involving the production and use of chemicals.


Lawyers or attorneys can perform their duties as advocates, advisers, or as counselors to the clients.

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