You will live an average life if you don’t love what you do

In order to achieve something in life, being passionate about it is mandatory. It’s like pursuing your goal with enthusiasm knowing how badly you need to achieve something.

Passion is what you love doing. If you are dragged towards something as a magnet attracts an object, it means you are passionate about it. Your passion does not make you tired because you feel happy working on it.

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Also, you do not care about making money too as you love doing that thing from your heart. Being passionate about something means, you are pulled out of time and space gravity, you do not pay heed to the time it takes to get that thing done and honestly, you are unaware of what’s happening around you because you are so keenly focused towards your interest.

When you are emotionally pulled towards something, it is your passion. A hobby, a work that you do not feel tired of and you are not worried about monetary benefits. It is that work that pulls you out of the time and space gravity and you continue doing it, irrespective of the time it takes, and stop caring about what’s happening in your surroundings.

A deep interest in something triggers the passion to get it. You believe in it and you love getting it and work hard to do that work. A compelling tendency that asserts energy and enthusiasm towards something you cherish the most is your passion.

Imagine if your passion becomes your profession.

What a blessing that is, could be your job or a business. The primary difference between the level of achievement of people from the same walk of life is their interest in the work.

You could be absolutely passionate about something but without a keen interest to get that work done, you are not destined to succeed. If you want something, work hard to get that and gain all knowledge about it.

With a keen interest and hard work, you gain a high skill level that enables you to monetize your passion and make you successful in life.

The purpose of life and satisfaction is only achieved if we do something we are naturally good at and we also love doing it. With practice and grit, we can become experts and eventually make money because money is the byproduct of success and you can only become successful if you are passionate.

The reason why some people are highly successful and others live average life is that their passion and profession are the same. It’s a perfect match.

Imagine if you love doing something and also getting paid for it, what a blessing that is.

Bill Gates loved creating software and as a college student, he learned programming that later turned out to be his long-lasting profession for decades to come. As a child, Elon Musk loved rockets, when he grew up, he founded SpaceX.

By looking at the reason for the success of all rich people, we find that they loved their work and they were absolutely passionate about it. Nothing gives you more joy and satisfaction than doing something you love the most.

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