What’s new in Windows 11 preview build? A Facebook widget and more!

Microsoft has recently delivered another review work of Windows 11 for its insiders on the Dev Channel. The most recent Insider Preview Build, version 23451, includes a Facebook widget specifically for it. More information can be found below.

A preview version of Meta’s Facebook widget has been released. You will be able to access your Facebook notifications directly from the widgets board in Windows 11. This is Meta’s second gadget for Windows after its Messenger gadget, which it delivered some time prior. Additionally, the Facebook widget will be available to insiders on the Canary and Beta channels.

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The Facebook app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store or updated to the most recent version to access the new Facebook widget. After that, to add the Facebook widget to your board, open the widgets board and access the widgets picker by clicking the “+” button in the top-right corner.

The Windows 11 Insider See Fabricate 23451 (Dev Channel) likewise brings an additional modernized subtlety sheet for the File Explorer app. The new subtleties sheet will show more relevant data about the document you’ve chosen, including its thumbnail, share status, record movement, and related records, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In addition, Microsoft is evaluating two distinct designs for Windows Spotlight. Along with the fundamental Windows Spotlight features that are already present, both treatments will include features like portrait images in 4K. One treatment will get a redone UI with both a limited and a full-screen insight.

Along with a number of new features and general enhancements, Microsoft is also reintroducing website recommendations in the Start Menu. Numerous bugs have been fixed, notification badges in the Start menu have been added, and Narrator in Excel has been improved.

The Windows 11 Insider See Fabricate 23451 has proactively begun carrying out, and you ought to see it in your Windows Updates segment soon enough. Stable users have not yet received these updates. Therefore, keep an eye out for additional information regarding this.

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