Will Bitcoin hit $12,000 over the weekend?

Bitcoin-O-Bitcoin, what vitality over the years, what unpredictability, even after falling $1,500 after briefly touching $12,000 a few days back, the cryptocurrency seems to be on its way to hit the $12,000 milestone anytime soon over the weekend.

At the time of writing this article, the price is $11,834.80. and Bitcoin is eying up to $12,000 after $1.2 billion in exchanges. It seems like investors are not willing to sell as the number of Bitcoin held in exchange wallets; literally took a dip and that’s a bullish sign.

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A popular analyst Cole Garner wrote on Twitter

“The amount of #Bitcoin held on exchanges just dropped off a cliff,”

The decreasing number of coins held at exchanges suggest that investor may be thinking about holding BTC, not selling or trading it at a short notice.

One can see, the reason why Bitcoin is taken off-exchange is the intention of not selling them, anytime soon to see further market behavior.



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Written by Tauseef Sarwar

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