WhatsApp will stop working for users who do not accept new terms of service


Here we go again. According to sources, Whatsapp will disable message options for users by May 15; if the users do not accept the terms of services.

According to the source, if the users don’t accept the term and conditions, they won’t able to send and receive messages. Once the account is deactivated for 120 days. it will be permanently deleted by the company.

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Users can receive calls and notifications for a few weeks’ time if they have not accepted the new terms and conditions. After that time period, if they decline to accept the terms and conditions their accounts will be deleted permanently.

WhatsApp has already caused a panic in the users by announcing the new terms and conditions early in January. Due to these terms and conditions, many users switched to different similar applications like Telegram and Signals.

Previously after the announcement of new terms and conditions, Whatsapp has given clarifications regarding the issue. But the damage was already done.

Does WhatsApp really share information with Facebook?

It’s now public that WhatsApp already shares some data with parent company Facebook such as users’ IP addresses and purchases made through the platform.

These new terms and conditions vary from country to country according to their own laws. The question is still ambiguous, what really private policy means for the users?

The one-to-one conversation between the users will remain encrypted. The new policy will allow the company to share the user’s status, mobile being used, internet and the phone number and IP address being used by an account. As the model of Facebook is on an advertisement, the users’ data will be used for targeted marketing campaigns.

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