WhatsApp releases ChatLock, other features for Android

WhatsApp releases ChatLock, other features for Android

The popular messaging application, WhatsApp, has recently rolled out a series of exciting updates for its Android users. With a fresh look and enhanced functionality, these updates aim to provide a more seamless and secure messaging experience. Let’s discuss it into details:

New Layout on WhatsApp

One of the significant changes introduced in this update is the revamped layout of the main WhatsApp window. Android users will now find the Chats, Calls, Communities, and Status tabs conveniently located at the bottom of the screen. This new layout makes it easier than ever to navigate between different sections of the app and access the desired tab with just a tap. While iOS users have already been enjoying a similar interface, Android beta users can now also experience this intuitive layout.

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Chat Lock Feature

Privacy is a crucial aspect of any messaging application, and WhatsApp understands its users’ need for confidentiality. The latest update brings forth the Chat Lock feature, allowing users to add an extra layer of security to their personal chats. With this feature, users can now apply a fingerprint lock to specific conversations, ensuring that sensitive information remains hidden from prying eyes. By going to a person’s profile, scrolling down, and enabling the ‘Chat Lock’ feature, users can effortlessly safeguard their private conversations, which will remain discreetly concealed on the main dashboard of the app.

Disappearing Messages Improvement

WhatsApp’s Disappearing Messages feature has gained popularity for its ephemeral nature, but sometimes, certain messages are too important to vanish into thin air. In response to user feedback, WhatsApp has introduced a new addition to the Disappearing Messages option. Android users now have the ability to save specific messages for future reference. By long-pressing on a message and selecting ‘keep,’ users can permanently store selected messages while the rest of the conversation continues to disappear after a specified time period. This enhancement provides users with greater control over their conversations and ensures that crucial information is not lost unintentionally.

New Tools for Status

The update adds a variety of additional text overlay features for those who want to share updates via WhatsApp Status. Users may now add a unique touch to their Status updates by updating the typefaces and choosing from a choice of backdrop colours. These additional customization options allow users to make their Status updates more visually appealing and expressive, enhancing the overall experience of sharing moments with friends and family.

Improvement to GIFs

GIFs have gained popularity as a method of visual communication that injects humor and fun into discussions. WhatsApp has improved GIFs to make the experience even more engaging. GIFs will now instantly begin playing as soon as they are received in a chat, eliminating the requirement for users to tap on them in order to play them. This little but useful update provides customers a quick and easy way to view GIFs.onvenient improvement saves users time and offers a seamless GIF viewing experience.


Recent upgrades to WhatsApp for Android users have included intriguing tweaks that improve the entire chatting experience. WhatsApp continues to put user pleasure by providing feature-rich updates first with a new interface, the addition of the Chat Lock function, enhancements to the Disappearing Messages feature, additional tools for Status updates, and an upgrade to GIFs. These changes offer improved privacy, more customizability choices, and a more interesting media experience in addition to streamlining navigation. Users of WhatsApp may anticipate taking use of these new capabilities and opening up new opportunities in their regular interactions.

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