WhatsApp Introduces Game-Changing Voice Chat for Large Groups, Similar to Discord

WhatsApp has introduced a new voice chat feature for large groups, akin to Discord, as announced by the Meta-owned company on Monday. This feature aims to minimize disruption compared to traditional group calls, as voice chats begin quietly without ringing every member. Instead, an in-chat bubble allows users to join seamlessly.

This functionality enables users to engage in conversation with those present while continuing to message those who are not. Users can easily unmute, hang up, or message the group without exiting the voice chat through call controls at the top of the chat.

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The global rollout of voice chats to large groups will occur in the coming weeks, commencing with groups of 33 people or more. WhatsApp emphasizes that voice chats are safeguarded with default end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp Voice chat feature for large groups
Image Credits: WhatsApp

The voice chat feature on WhatsApp operates similarly to comparable features on platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Slack, facilitating connections among large groups through spoken conversations.

This latest announcement aligns with WhatsApp’s ongoing trend of introducing various features to its platform in recent months. Notably, the company has enabled users to utilize two accounts simultaneously and introduced passkey support on Android.

Additionally, the introduction of the “Flows” functionality enhances the shopping experience by allowing users to perform tasks such as selecting a flight seat or booking an appointment without leaving the app.

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