WhatsApp Introduces Video Messaging Feature

whatsapp video feature

WhatsApp users can now record and send instant video messages within the app.

These video clasps can be as long as 60 seconds in length and are safeguarded with start-to-finish encryption.

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In a blog post on July 27, WhatsApp’s owner Meta stated, “We think these will be a fun way to share moments with all the emotion that comes from video, whether it’s telling the good news, laughing at a joke, or wishing someone a happy birthday.”

The new element is like sending a voice message – a continuous method for answering talks, said the organization.

To send a video message, clients can tap the voice message symbol, and it will change to video mode. Swiping up allows users to record the video hands-free as well.

Meta said it has been carrying out the new update to the application and that it will be accessible to everybody before long.

In May, WhatsApp carried out an element that permits clients to conceal their talks in an envelope that can be opened exclusively with a secret word or biometrics like a unique finger impression.

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