WhatsApp users are reporting huge battery drain after latest update

There are reports that after the latest WhatsApp update, the battery of some phones is draining too fast.

OnePlus, Xiaomi and Samsung smartphones are reportedly in the front row of complaints. People are ranting about this issue on Twitter.

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One user of OnePlus 6 has even complained that the application shows 1.5 hours of usage. He says, he had opened the app for just about a minute so there is something terribly wrong.

Apart from Twitter, even WhatsApp comment section in Google play store is being bombarded with complaints.

Alarming, furious complaints such as phone battery suddenly draining to 19% from 75% in a short time and app consuming more than 30% battery even without using the app can be seen in large numbers.

To fix the issue, here are some of the proposed solutions:

  • Reinstall the application. Take backup first.
  • Install the WhatsApp version 2.19.325 after taking backup.
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