Take Your Photos to the Next Level: WhatsApp Beta Introduces HD Support

WhatsApp Beta Introduces HD Photo Sharing Feature

For users of Android and iOS, WhatsApp is constantly adding new and enhanced functionality. The platform for instant chatting is now developing HD photo sending. Some WhatsApp beta users notice that conversations currently support sending HD images.

While not sending full-resolution photos, this new function does deliver higher-quality pictures with less compression. The most recent WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android has the feature.

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The new HD photo option is present in the iOS beta and the Android beta version, according to WABetaInfo. Evidently, not all beta users have yet received this update. It’s now accessible to a small group of beta users.

Let’s now discuss how the feature functions. You can choose between sending an image in standard or HD quality when you submit one. Both choices will display the image’s resolution, which will let people determine the quality more clearly.

Unfortunately, not all photos will have the option, and it will only be accessible when a larger image is submitted. Users will always need to choose HD.


Users must still submit them as a document attachment if they want to send them in this manner. For the time being, standard quality will be the default, and users must always select HD. Before making the feature available to all users, it’s very feasible that WhatsApp will update it.


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