WhatsApp Warns About an “App Killing” message – Here’s what you need to do immediately to protect yourself


WhatsApp faced some real hard challenges regarding security in 2019. This is because of the huge influx of new active users loving this Facebook-owned app. One of the world’s biggest text/video messaging app is now facing another security threat compromising the security of its users.

The latest threat is “app killing” messages that result in the crash of the WhatsApp. It is so severe that users are unable to access WhatsApp as the app crashes when you open it.

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WhatsApp says it has now patched this security issue.

What you should do?:

All users are advised to install the latest version of WhatsApp immediately. The security threat relies on two other security loopholes in WhatsApp, both are patched now.

The two loopholes were, users could be added to groups without consent and also, metadata built into a message could be tweaked to break the WhatsApp phone app as soon as a message is received.

Now to the saddest part, if you are under attack and have not taken the backup of the chats. You probably will lose all the memories.

On the other hand, Android wants to take the chat service to the next level. WhatsApp similar “RCS” messaging rolled out to Android users in the US.



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