Instagram Live Streams can now be watched on browser

Instagram has truly stepped up its game for its browser version.

Yesterday, we saw that they implemented the idea to send DM on the browser. Today, we are seeing a clone of what its parent company is doing with disposable links.

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Facebook implemented the idea of viewing content without sign in more than several months ago, The company now brings in the same integration to Instagram.

This is a plus side for all Instagrammers or influencers who are currently holed up in their homes due to mass pandemic. This integration will be two-tiered with comments on the side.

Instagram suggested that disposable links can only be shared which means the security is still closed-ended, end-to-end encrypted to say the least. If it was open-ended then one fears creating misinformation will be like bringing an oil tanker to a campfire.

However, this new enhancement does offer a rich experience to the Instagram web version knowing that it is still plagued with sync issues. The UX and user interface is simple, plain as a Google search, perhaps more one lines of Twitter web timeline.

This new update is most tailored for wannabe musicians, celebrities and Millenials who want to reach out to their audience.

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