Warren Buffet says successful people “Almost” say “No” to everything

Warren buffet a successful pioneer of investment is considered by many as an Oracle or a Sage. He is revered by global media outlets. During a meeting between two of the world’s three richest men, Buffet and Bill Gates, Gates asked Buffet, what is the leading key to success.

Warren Buffet replied, “Saying No“, reports a blog post at Medium.

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This may warrant some elaboration but know this response will make you feel better, not smarter.

Buffet views that by killing busy work we are able to free up CEO daily routine. He rarely talks to analysts or media. He doesn’t attend seminars and he lives outside NYC. He must have ample time in a day as he reads 50 books in a year.

Warren Buffet brings sage wisdom with him. His view that 20 percent of your priorities account for 80 percent of your results. The real threat is not the wolves in the sheep’s clothing but the needle. Does our hard work move the needle or not?

Buffett’s top five priorities are 20% of 25.

It’s easy to say yes but to say NO, that is hard.

Always work with people you could view working with forever by keeping it simple and not overcrowding it. As we grow in our careers we need to add a little challenge as well.

Buffet avoids the technology bandwagon as he has never used a computer. He prefers data from reliable sources than unreliable.

To process, the 80/20 rule follow this path.

In order to receive the full benefits of Mr. Buffet Strategies, we would require emotional and cognitive resources. This why people admire the power but never how someone utilizes it.

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