Want To Quit Your Job? These Freelance Skills Are In Hot Demand

The freelancing trend is spreading rapidly worldwide. People are now preferring to quit their job and work as freelancers. Quitting your job to become a freelance worker can be a big step, but it can also lead to a fulfilling and lucrative career. However, not all freelance skills are in demand. To increase your chances of success, it’s important to know which skills are in hot demand in the market. 55 million US citizens are self-employed and work as freelancers.

What is Freelancer?

Freelancer is self-employed, they are bosses of their own, they work from the comfort of a couch in the drawing room, they get the job done and make money. There are many freelance Marketplace websites that have tons of projects related to different skill sets and freelancers from all over the world bid on these projects and make money. Freelancers typically work for multiple clients and are responsible for finding their own work, setting their own rates, and managing their own schedules.

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The top 10 countries where its freelancers are located are:

1. India, 2. US, 3. The Philippines, 4. Pakistan, 5. Indonesia, 6. the UK, 7. Brazil, 8. Bangladesh, 9. Australia, and 10. Canada.

Employers find it easy to hire freelancers from these countries and pay less than what they would pay for a permanent resource in USA or Europe.

How to build an effective freelance profile.

Here are the 10 fastest-growing online skills for Q3, 2017:

    1. Adobe InDesign
    2. 3D design
    3. Creative design
    4. HTML5
    5. WooCommerce
    6. Website management
    7. Branding
    8. Angular.js
    9. Business cards
    10. React.js

Here’s Q3, 2016 for Comparison:

  1. Photography
  2. Jobs with German language skills
  3. Video editing
  4. Virtual Assistant
  5. Branding
  6. Blog Install
  7. Fashion design
  8. Photo Editing
  9. Amazon web services
  10. Google AdWords.

Are you ready to be the boss of your own and live an independent life?

The article originally appeared on the Forbes website.

In conclusion, there is a wide range of skills in demand in the freelance market. When considering a career change, it’s important to assess your own strengths and consider which of these skills you can offer to businesses. With hard work and dedication, a career as a freelance worker can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.


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