Want a US visa? Show your all social media details of last 5 years


After getting into the oval office, the 45th U.S president Donald Trump has been working hard on tightening the strings and going for strict visa policies for visit and work to the USA. Now, In order to vet people for the visa process, Trump administration will ask for your social media accounts details and will take a look at your emails.

According to a report by Hill.TV, if you lie, be prepared to get rejected for the visa right away.

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According to Reuters, last March, the state department initially proposed the idea of collecting email conversations and social media posts of a user. The idea was to track the history of past ‘Five’ years. Now, the idea is converted into reality last week and is practically applicable if you want to apply for the US visa.

“As we’ve seen around the world in recent years, social media can be a major forum for terrorist sentiment and activity.

This will be a vital tool to screen out terrorists, public safety threats, and other dangerous individuals from gaining immigration benefits and setting foot on US soil,” a US Department of State official told Hill.TV .

The whole idea is to filter out the bad crowd in the visa process and eventually improve security measures in the country.

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