Virtual offices to be established in Pakistan by social media companies

The disagreement over the reform of social media regulations between social media corporations and the Pakistani government has been settled.

Revisions to social media regulations have been approved by the Pakistani government and social media corporations. Virtual offices for social media businesses will be established in Pakistan.

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According to MoITT representatives speaking to ProPakistani, the federal government has approved the updated social media guidelines. Instead of setting up physical offices in Pakistan, social media businesses would establish virtual ones.

The virtual offices will have a social media company representative on duty around-the-clock. Social media companies will give the Pakistani government’s complaints top consideration.

The Social Media Rules Committee, according to the officials, split the offensive content into three categories. The Red List contains the most delicate material. The social media platforms will be required to immediately remove the content on the red list.

Within 72 hours of receiving the complaint, the content that is on the yellow list must be taken down. Officials claim that the details of common complaints are maintained on the green list.

The officials claim that no separate agency would be established to control social media. The PTA will control social media platforms.

The Social Media Committee has chosen to keep the fines suggested in the social media guidelines.

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