Use Chat GPT on Any Web Page with this Chrome Extension

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Chatbots powered by generative AI, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, are becoming increasingly popular in the tech industry. With the introduction of the GPT-4 generative model update, ChatGPT has become even more advanced, now able to process images and videos to generate responses. While AI experts suggest that tools like ChatGPT can automate mundane tasks, the most challenging aspect of using ChatGPT is having to input prompts in a separate browser window manually.

Fortunately, several Chrome extensions allow users to run the chatbot in any tab, making it easier to prompt the chatbot. Furthermore, certain extensions can identify potential cues automatically and generate relevant responses based on the content of the web page. One such example is Merlin, a GPT-powered chatbot that operates as a Chrome extension, providing several features like generating search result summaries, transcribing YouTube videos, drafting write-ups, and generating responses using the GPT-4 model.

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Installing the Merlin Chrome Extension for ChatGPT

To begin using Merlin, you must install the Chrome extension on your web browser. The extension is exclusively compatible with web browsers that are based on Chromium, such as Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave, Opera, and similar ones. However, despite being based on Chromium, the extension does not currently function on Microsoft Edge.

To install Merlin, go to its designated page on the Chrome Web Store, select “Add to Chrome” and then click “Add extension” on the ensuing pop-up window. To start using ChatGPT through Merlin, you’ll be required to sign up using your email or a Google account.

Features of Merlin and How to Use Them

Merlin can be prompted to appear on any web page except for Google Docs by pressing Alt+M on a Windows computer or Command+M on a Mac. Users can also select a portion of the text, right-click, and click “give Merlin context” or click a tiny icon that appears on the bottom right corner of the selected text to evoke the chatbot. Users can then enter their prompt on the text field at the top of the window, and the results will be generated below. On the dialog box, users can choose whether the responses are generated using GPT-3 or GPT-4.

The use of Merlin is restricted to 51 free queries per day, and each GPT-4 query incurs a cost of 10 credits. Nevertheless, there is a premium edition provided by the developer, with pricing plans ranging from $19 for 1,000 queries per month to $119 for 12,000 queries per month.

Besides text rewriting, Merlin can be used for a variety of tasks like drafting emails or ad copy, writing formulae for MS Excel or code for basic applications in different programming languages, and more. Merlin can also automatically perform contextual actions like summarizing online articles or blog posts, transcribing YouTube videos, and sharing the gist of Google search results.

Other ChatGPT Extension Alternatives

Merlin is an excellent ChatGPT extension, but there are several more worth trying. ChatGPT – Chatonai, for instance, provides additional context while searching on search engines other than Google, while TweetGPT crafts quirky tweets while considering the character limit. ChatGPT’s AIPRM provides a wealth of resources for various domains such as SEO, SaaS, Marketing, DevOps, and more. It also enables users to share prompts with other users.


Conclusion Chatbots powered by generative AI models like ChatGPT have become increasingly sophisticated, making them powerful tools for automating mundane tasks. However, manually inputting prompts in a separate browser window can be challenging. Fortunately, extensions like Merlin enable you to run the chatbot in any tab and provide contextual responses based on the web page’s contents. While Merlin has limitations, such as a daily quota of 51 free queries and the need to pay for additional queries, it offers numerous benefits, including the ability to summarize videos and articles and provide relevant snippets from Google Search results.

There are various other ChatGPT extensions that you can explore if you are interested, each with its own set of distinct features and advantages. If you want to optimize your workflow or tap into the possibilities of generative AI models, you can find various extensions that can assist you in achieving your objectives.

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