Power-itt (Dedicated mini UPS for WiFi routers)

Power itt

We are excited to announce the release of Volt Lab brand-new product, which we think will completely change the way you operate. We are convinced that our most recent product, which is the outcome of intensive research and development, will surpass your expectations.

Introduction of Power-itt:

Allow us to introduce our innovative new product, Power-itt (Dedicated mini-UPS for Wi- Fi routers). This product design is especially for freelancers and those who are into digital businesses. This product is compatible with all Wifi Routers including simple and optical fibers both 9V and 12V. You can use the internet for 4.5 hours without any interruptions just because of Power-itt. This is a game-changer product that will enhance your business and help generate more revenue. Believe that our product will make your life easier and more efficient, and we are excited to see its positive impact on your daily routine.power itt product

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Design and technology:

We think that technology and design can work together to produce something truly amazing, rather than being mutually exclusive. Our design incorporates usability and functionality in addition to aesthetics. Characteristics of our technology and design:

  • Two 3000mAh Lithium Ion Cells
  • Built-in Electric Protection
  • Battery Charging and Over-Discharging Protection
  • Uninterrupted Switching to Batteries during Power Outages
  • 60-Minute Full Charge Time
  • Output:12V/9V 2A
  • Unique Selling Point:
  • Compact Design
  • Plug-and-play DIY installation
  • Local service center
  • 1-Year Replacement Warranty
  • Design and Developed in Pakistan

Our staff has worked hard and dedicatedly for many hours to provide a product that is dependable, excellent, and easy to use. We’re sure you’ll like using it just as much as we enjoyed making it. So, if you’re ready to experience the future of Power-itt. Join us on this journey and be one of the first to try our amazing new product, Power-itt (UPS for Wi-Fi routers).

We appreciate your time and interest, and we eagerly await your comments!


Launch date: 15 Jan 2023

Devices sold to date: 230+

Customer Satisfaction rate: 98%

Platform: Daraz

Unit Price: 4600PKR

This amazing product is being sold all across Pakistan helping young freelancers and businessmen in their digital businesses to continue work without interruption.

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