TikTok’s Hashtag Restrictions in Creative Center: What Marketers Need to Know

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Getting Around in the New Creative Landscape of TikTok

For marketers looking to keep ahead of trends in the quick-paced world of social media marketing, TikTok has long been an essential tool. But the marketing community has been rocked by recent changes to the Creative Centre. Let’s examine the nuances of TikTok’s decision to limit the use of hashtags in its Creative Centre and consider the marketing implications.

Recognising the Hashtag Dilemma on TikTok

1. Revealing the Hashtag Limitations on TikTok

TikTok marketers face a new challenge: restricted access to specific hashtags in the Creative Center.

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2. The Impact on Campaign Planning

Why marketers should care about these restrictions and how they affect their ability to explore trends.

3. Hashtag Links

The Casualties of Change Notable hashtags, including those related to the Israel-Hamas war and U.S. politics, are no longer accessible in the Creative Center.

4. Search Button Removal

By eliminating the search button from the Creative Centre, TikTok makes a daring move that changes how marketers use the app.

Examining the Reasons Behind the Changes at TikTok

5. TikTok’s Pivot: Top 100 Hashtags Focus

The platform shifts its focus to providing data on the top 100 hashtags across diverse industries, leaving marketers with a new set of tools.

6. Censorship Concerns

TikTok’s decision to restrict hashtag searches stems from concerns about potential misuse leading to platform censorship.

7. Scrutiny from Researchers and Lawmakers

An examination of how content related to geopolitics and the Israel-Hamas war prompted TikTok’s decision to reassess its Creative Center features.

TikTok Creative Center in Focus: What Marketers Need to Know

8. Decoding TikTok Creative Center

An in-depth look at what the Creative Center is, its purpose, and how it aids advertisers in monitoring trend popularity.

9. Accessibility for All

How the Creative Center provides accessible data on the number of videos associated with a specific hashtag and details about the audience.

10. Insights from TikTok Spokesperson

Direct quotes from TikTok spokesperson Alex Haurek on the adjustments to the Creative Center’s features.

“Unfortunately, some individuals and organizations have misused the Center’s search function to draw inaccurate conclusions, so we are changing some of the features to ensure it is used for its intended purpose.”


 TikTok’s move to restrict hashtags within the Creative Center is a significant shift that demands adaptability from marketers. While challenges arise, the platform’s focus on curated data and preventing misuse showcases its commitment to fostering a more responsible and effective advertising environment.

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