TikTok Removed 18 Million Videos From Pakistan

TikTok Removed 18 Million Videos From Pakistan in Just 3 Months

TikTok has released its fourth quarter 2023 Community Guidelines Enforcement Report highlighting its constantly commitment to encouraging a safe and healthy online environment. The goal of this research is to highlight TikTok’s commitment to safety integration and willingness in order to build trust and preserve a secure network for its global user base.

TikTok’s proactive actions between October and December 2023 resulted in the removal of 176 million videos globally or about 1.0% of all videos posted on the platform. Of them 8 million videos were restored after additional inspection while 128 million videos were found and eliminated by automated technology.

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TikTok showed its strong commitment to efficiently addressing violations by taking action against 18 million videos that violated its Community Guidelines in Pakistan over the last quarter. The platform also put a lot of effort into eliminating spam accounts and content associated with them putting strict controls in place to stop the spread of automated spam accounts.

In addition a remarkable 95.3% of the videos that violated the required standards were taken down within a day of their publication. The quarter’s proactive elimination rate was an astonishing 99.5% worldwide. To protect younger users TikTok removed 19.84 million accounts that might have belonged to people under the age of 13.

The Community Guidelines of TikTok intend to establish a secure welcoming and authentic environment for every user without any exclusions. TikTok aims for justice and consistency in its enforcement attempts applying these principles equally to all users and substance.

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TikTok uses human monitoring along with cutting edge technology to detect review and remove content that violates to company criteria. TikTok’s commitment to total transparency is demonstrated by the frequent publishing of the Community Guidelines Enforcement Report which offers insights into the extent and nature of content and account actions.

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