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In the age of social media dominance, platforms continuously compete for users’ attention. Twitter one of the pioneers of microblogging, has witnessed its fair share of ups and downs. One of its once-popular features, “Threads,” is now facing a decline in popularity. This article delves into the reasons behind Threads’ rise and subsequent dip in popularity, exploring active users and engagement.

Threads vs Twitter 

Examining the Decline in Active Users and Engagement

When Meta unveiled Threads, it was touted as a potential ‘Twitter-killer,‘ drawing an astounding 100 million sign-ups within the first few days of its launch. However, much like other contenders attempting to rival Twitter, Threads appears to be grappling with waning popularity.

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According to data from app tracking firm Sensor Tower, the initial hype around Threads has significantly subsided, with a notable 20 percent decrease in active users. Additionally, the time spent on the app has plummeted by 50 percent, dwindling from 20 minutes to merely 10 minutes. In stark contrast, Twitter had experienced a modest 5 percent dip.

Bluesky: An Aspiring Contender, but Far From Catching Up

Another competitor in the race, Bluesky, which is sponsored by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, has aroused some interest. It hasn’t yet, though, really taken off. Twitter has cemented its reputation as a go-to platform for millions, particularly during major events – be it political spectacles or…

Unraveling the Threads Phenomenon

Threads emerged on the scene with unparalleled anticipation, with a wave of users eager to explore its potential. Nonetheless, the initial momentum it gained has faltered, leading to concerns over its continued relevance and viability.

The Soaring Start

Upon its launch, Threads enjoyed a sensational start, boasting an astonishing 100 million sign-ups in a matter of days. This surge in initial interest positioned it as a formidable competitor to Twitter’s dominance in the social media sphere. Meta’s ambitious project seemed poised to revolutionize the way people communicated online.

A Steady Decline in Engagement

Despite the thunderous entrance, Threads could not sustain its early success. Sensor Tower’s data points to a concerning trend – a 20 percent drop in active users. This decline indicates that a significant chunk of the user base either lost interest or migrated back to more established platforms.

Shortened Attention Span

Moreover, Threads witnessed a substantial 50 percent reduction in the average time users spent on the app. Once enjoying 20 minutes of user engagement, it now struggles to keep users entertained for more than 10 minutes. This shift in user behavior is a critical factor in evaluating Threads’ current state.

Twitter’s Enduring Reign

While Threads aimed to challenge Twitter’s supremacy, the established social media giant managed to maintain its stronghold on the industry. Twitter’s primary distinction lies in its reputation as the ultimate source for real-time breaking news, drawing millions of users during crucial events.

The Power of Live Breaking News

Twitter’s prowess in delivering live updates during major events, be it political developments or entertainment spectacles, has cultivated unparalleled trust among its users. This has solidified Twitter’s position as the go-to platform when people seek immediate and authentic information.

A Steady Follower Base

Unlike Threads, Twitter has managed to retain a stable and engaged user base. Its user retention strategy, coupled with consistent improvements to its interface and features, has contributed to its ongoing success.

Bluesky’s Ascent, Yet to Take Flight

Bluesky, endorsed by Jack Dorsey himself, holds the promise of innovation and improvement within the social media landscape. However, it is yet to capture the imagination of the masses and become a true challenger to Twitter.

Potential and Possibilities

Bluesky’s potential to introduce decentralized social media platforms could signify a significant shift in how people interact online. This innovative approach has piqued interest among tech enthusiasts and privacy advocates alike.

The Long Road Ahead

Despite the initial intrigue, Bluesky’s journey to mass adoption and relevance remains an uphill battle. The established dominance of Twitter and other social media giants presents a formidable challenge for any newcomer seeking to disrupt the status quo.


In conclusion, Threads once hailed as a potential ‘Twitter-killer,’ has witnessed a sharp decline in active users and user engagement. While Bluesky shows promise, it is yet to make a substantial impact in the market. Meanwhile, Twitter continues to stand tall, leveraging its strength in live breaking news and maintaining a loyal user base. The social media landscape remains highly competitive, and only time will tell if any contender can truly rival Twitter’s influence.



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