This Six years old Korean YouTuber just bought a home worth $8 million

Last year, this 7 Years old made $22 Million From YouTube Videos. His channel Ryan Toys Review is very popular with millions of views and subscribers. Ryan lives in the USA with his parents and makes over $1.5 million every month.

This year, a six years old Korean YouTuber is reported to have made $8 Million. She just bought a five-story home on Sueol’s most amazing and covetable street and her parents are criticized for their actions for using their child’s money.

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Boram hasn’t made it yet to the primary school but is widely popular in South Korea for her innocent Youtube videos.

This kid is a famous star with over 30.1 million subscribers from two channels, Boram Tube ToysReview, and Boram Tube Vlog.

The Vlog covers her daily life, playing with her friends, spending time with family.

So far, her biggest hit video is “making noodles and eating it on camera”. The video has 76 million views and counting.

According to CNN, her parents have set up a company named Boram Family company and her new home was bought through the company. A mansion worth $8 million, but the kid videos got them there in less than 3 months.

 Question – Do you remember what were you doing when you were SIX years old?

News via: Vice

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