These 4 personalities teach us how important it is to learn the art of effective communicating

Communication can make a lot of difference between success and failure. When you communicate effectively, it inspires others to take action, make a process go smoothly, and plant the seeds for new ways of thinking. Also, the ability to communicate effectively strengthens an emotional connection with the audience. This is the reason that great leaders connect with people on an emotional level every time they speak.

There are few of the examples of great communicators that the world has seen until now and what they have taught us with their skills.

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Bill Clinton:

Clinton may not be admired for many reasons but the one thing that you can’t deny is his ability to engage the audience. Having done so many times, there was immense confidence in the way Clinton used to deliver his message across. He learned from his every speech and became better and confident. His example tells you that the more you communicate in public, the more you become consistent.

According to a former expert on leadership, Nick Morgan, when Clinton used to speak, the room came alive and the energy was tremendous. It is because Clinton used to engage his audience with nonverbal communication by not distracting them with overly rehearsed gestures and gimmicks.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

There are very few leaders who speak with the power of Martin Luther King, Jr. but just because he set the bar too high does not mean you cannot learn and improve yourself from the way he practiced his craft. I have a dream is one of his speeches that touched everybody’s heart not only because the message in it was beautiful but also because it was delivered in the best manner. Many social movement leaders and politicians have walked in his footsteps but there are rarely any who matched his gifts. King never stooped the level of his opponents nor was he too passive. He walked the fine line between passivity and combativeness by linking his appeals for racial justice. He used to repeat his sentences but it was all done rightfully and in the right places.

Oprah Winfrey:

No doubt Oprah Winfrey is one of the most famous personalities in the world but as an African American female, she had to overcome many cultural barriers as well as social biases. Everything she did came out as a great success but it took her massive effort to get there. She has a great grip when it comes to communicating and used to speak about issues that were on the minds of her audience. She does everything so honestly that people trust her genuineness. Through her effective way of communication she develops empathy and focus on other people’s problems and it makes her a great communicator.

Winston Churchill:

Sir Winston Churchill is regarded as a role model for communication. It is because Churchill was not a natural orator and was plagued by a speech impediment. He was driven by the desire to communicate effectively to gain the results he wanted. He dedicated himself to persistently rehearsing and editing each of his speeches for many hours. For every speech his preparation was thoughtful and he worked hard to gain success.

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