Three new shortcuts are coming soon to WhatsApp

Whatsapp shortcuts


In the world of instant messaging, WhatsApp has become a household name, providing a convenient and secure platform for communication. Recent news from WABetainfo, a WhatsApp news tracker, reveals that Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, is working on an exciting update to enhance the user experience. A new settings page is in the works, accompanied by three new shortcuts that will make navigation and customization easier for users. This article dives into the details of these upcoming changes and the potential they hold for WhatsApp users.

Overview of WhatsApp‘s new settings page

The launch of a new settings page is evidence that WhatsApp is committed to adapting regularly to meet the demands of its users. The redesigned settings page strives to offer a more user-friendly and intuitive interface, enabling users to easily browse through various options. Users will get the chance to test out this enhanced user experience for themselves with the upcoming app release.

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Three new shortcuts on the settings page

To streamline the settings navigation, WhatsApp is introducing three new shortcuts within the settings page. These shortcuts will help users quickly access essential features without the need to dig through multiple menus.

Contacts shortcut:

One of the new shortcuts is dedicated to contacts. With a simple tap, users will have full control over their connections and seamless access to their contact list. The process of adding, removing, and organizing contacts will be significantly simplified, offering users a more convenient and effortless experience. Managing your contacts on WhatsApp will now be easier than ever before, empowering users to effortlessly maintain their network of connections.

Privacy shortcut:

Privacy is crucial to any messaging app, and WhatsApp recognizes its significance. The new privacy shortcut will grant users easy access to the privacy settings, empowering them to customize their privacy preferences according to their needs. With this shortcut, users can ensure their conversations and personal information remain secure.

Profile shortcut:

Your WhatsApp profile is a reflection of your identity within the app. Users will benefit from quick and easy access to their profile settings via the profile shortcut. Users are given the ability to easily personalize their display name, profile image, and other characteristics in accordance with their preferences thanks to this option. Utilizing this feature will provide users more control over their online profile, allowing them to create and customize their WhatsApp experience in order to showcase their distinct identities and personal preferences.

Starred message shortcut

In addition to the three new shortcuts, WhatsApp is also introducing the starred message shortcut within the app settings. This feature is already available on iOS and has proven to be popular among users. By using the starred message shortcut, users can easily access their saved or bookmarked messages, making it convenient to refer back to important information or cherished memories.

Reorganization of the settings area:

To enhance usability, WhatsApp is reorganizing the settings area, ensuring that all options are easily accessible. The goal is to create a more logical and user-friendly layout, making it effortless for users to find and modify the settings they desire. Additionally, WhatsApp aims to include a new shortcut to access the app settings quickly from the chat list, saving users valuable time and effort.

Fast access to app settings from the chat list

The new app settings interface will include a shortcut that allows users to swiftly navigate to the settings directly from their chat list. This functionality ensures a seamless transition between conversations and settings, enabling users to adjust their preferences on the go. By reducing the number of steps required to access settings


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