The shopping feature is coming to WhatsApp soon


Mark Zuckerberg has announced the integration of shopping into the WhatsApp messaging service. The announcement was made on his official Facebook post on 23rd June. In the post, Mark said that soon users will be able to view a shop on the world’s most popular messaging service and chat with businesses before making a purchase.

In the post, he also said that businesses will only have to set up their shop once and they will be able to make it work across all Facebook-owned companies such as Facebook app, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp is rolling out few more updates. The company is working on introducing a new messaging feature that can help people get business done faster. The user will be prompted with a menu of up to 10 different options so people do not have to manually type a response. These instant prompt reply options will allow people to make a selection by tapping on it, saving time and making the process faster.

“As always, people remain in control of their chats. People still need to reach out to start a conversation or request a business contact them via WhatsApp,” it said.


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