The secret power of smiling – Scientists say smiling can be as stimulating as getting up to 16,000 Pounds Sterling in cash

According to experts, smiling is really important for leadership. It may seem insignificant but it actually helps you to achieve the outcomes you seek. It is a symbol that is rated with the highest positive emotional content. Smiling can be done by anyone but there are rare people who actually do it. Smiling stimulates your brain’s reward mechanism that not even the best of things can match which are regarded as pleasure inducers. That is why scientists have recently concluded that smiling can be as stimulating as getting up to 16,000 Pounds Sterling in cash.

Here is how smile helps you.

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The release of endorphins:

Endorphins are responsible for making a person happy and when you smile, these are triggered by the movement of the muscles in your face. The release of endorphins reduces your stress levels. Therefore, the more you stimulate your brain to release this chemical, the more relaxed and happier you will feel.

It makes you look attractive:

No matter how wealthy and satisfied you are but you can never seem attractive to other people unless you put a smile on your face. Smiling makes you appear more approachable and encourage others to feel better around you.

It is good for challenging situations:

Although it is very hard to smile in troubled situations but when you do, it indicates your confidence and the ability to cope with challenges. When you are seen as a confident and strong person, employees or colleagues feel better staying around you.

A good way to release emotions:

In life, lots of emotions get bottled up inside because of the different situations you come across. But once you smile and laugh, everything starts to look a bit better and you start looking at the positive perspective. It helps to release the negative emotions and you feel brightened up.

Smiling reduces cortisol:

The stress hormone cortisol usually remains active when you stressed and anxious. The practice of smiling can help you reduce this stress hormone and frees you up from the negative spiral inside.

Encourages trust:

In your personality, smiling adds up an encouraging look. It makes other people trust you easily when you meet them with a smiling face.

Lowers your blood pressure:

The anxiety during a workday can send your blood pressure levels really high. Staying angry and anxious is not only unappealing to the people around but also is bad for your health. When you smile, it maintains a healthy blood pressure without requiring a medicine.

You live long:

When all your emotions stay in control, you definitely live a healthy and long life. Less stress and a controlled blood pressure keep your immune system strong which makes you less prone to diseases.

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