In Pakistan, Google launches the App Growth Lab

In Pakistan, Google launches the App Growth Lab

A Program to Find and Help App Developers Google has announced the opening of its first-ever App Growth Lab in Pakistan. The Lab’s goal is to find and help high-potential app developers, studios, and businesses that want to expand. The serious schooling and backing periods of the four-month program let application designers gain from Google specialists in Promotions, AdMob, Firebase, gTech and Play as well as pioneers in the business.

The Lab for App Growth:

A Program to Help Local Developers, Farhan Qureshi, Google’s Regional Director for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, said in a statement that the App Growth Lab will help local developers who are just starting out and help them make their products available to people all over the world. There are four fundamental pillars to the program: uncovering the worldwide application and gaming a valuable open door, carrying a client-driven mentality to application and game item improvement, revealing methodologies to win the send-off, and gaining information on opening an application to the world by utilizing business sector and stage broadening systems.

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How it Works The program will start in June and last four months.

Applications from interested companies, app developers, and development studios are accepted until May 22, 2023. The Application Development Lab program incorporates the accompanying stages:

Phase 1:

Discover the Global App and Gaming Opportunity In this phase, app developers will learn how to set a company’s overall strategy. They will learn how to prioritize their app development objectives and identify the appropriate opportunities and challenges.

 Phase 2:

Implement a User-centric Approach to App and Game Development App developers will learn how to prepare an app for long-term success by utilizing cutting-edge technology and comprehending the significance of the user experience, and implementing a user-centric approach to app development.

Phase 3:

Reveal Methodologies to Win the Send-off and Adapt. In this stage, application engineers will learn methodologies to win the send-off, set up adaptation models, and expand Google’s devices for information to accomplish quantifiable development. They will acquire knowledge of app analytics, app store optimization, and app marketing.

Phase 4:

Acquire Knowledge of Opening an App to the World In the final phase, app developers will utilize market and platform diversification strategies to acquire knowledge of opening an app to the world. They will gain knowledge of the significance of localization, global distribution, and app business scaling.

The Outcome of the Gaming Development Lab

The Application Development Lab program follows the outcome of the Gaming Development Lab in Pakistan last year, a five-week virtual program intended to help to arise versatile gaming endeavors extend their contributions and develop their organizations. According to Google, the program exemplifies the company’s determination to support Pakistan’s app industry’s global and local expansion.


Google’s App Growth Lab in Pakistan is an important step toward supporting local app developers and expanding the app industry in Pakistan. The four phases of the program give app developers the skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive app market by providing a comprehensive approach to app development and marketing and monetization.

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